FAMILY HISTORY​ (1865 - present)

Robert and Sylvia Calloway

Updated July 2013


Robert Lee Calloway, Sr. was born on March 27, 1912 in Leesburg, Georgia (Lee County).   Oral history states that Anna Lamar and David Harris were Robert’s biological parents.  Reports are that David Harris died young due to illness.  Read more

​Sylvia Mae Jones, also known as "Sib", was born in Georgia on October 25, 1912 to Willie and Hannah Jones (c. 1887 and 1885 respectively).  She was one of four children to Willie and Hannah.  Sylvia's siblings were Annie, Sadie, Marie, and Sarah.  Read more


Official Records

Updated July 2013

The U.S. has taken a census of its population every ten years since 1790. The most recent census available to us at present is the 1940 census, due to a 72-year privacy restriction. While the questions in U.S. census records varied from year to year and in state censuses, from state to state, you can find information like names of other household members, ages, birthplaces, residence, occupation, immigration and citizenship details, marriage information, military service and more. To view a photo gallery of census records and draft registration cards, click here.


Family Trees

Updated July 2013

Many dictionaries define family as one’s primary social group consisting of parents and children having descended from a common ancestor sharing common beliefs, activities, and residency.  That definition would be accurate; however, incomplete.  Whether we can piece together our connection or not, we are all family.  Read more 



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